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Top SmartName Parking Features

  • What is SmartName?
    • is the leader in domain monetization. We represent a full range of domain owners, some with a little as one domain and others with thousands. We offer the most customizable templates along with the highest pay outs in the industry.
  • What is domain traffic monetization? How can I earn money from it?
    • Once your domains are added to SmartName's system, our domain matching process will select corresponding advertisements relating to your domain name. Those ads will display on your website. When visitors to your website click on those ads that takes them to an advertiser's website, you make money.
  • What makes SmartName different from other parking companies?
    • At SmartName, we believe that a domain name should be a destination. We continue to add flexibility and new features to our platform, allowing you to control the look and feel of your websites. Adding this ability to customize each website was driven by our own philosophy, as domain owners ourselves, that a domain name has more value when the domain name goes to an actual web site.
  • What Features Do You Offer?
    • SmartName is constantly adding more to its arsenal of products and offerings, and currently offers a number of desired features for partners enrolled in our partner program. Some of our features include real time statistics, hundreds of themes, for sale signs, domain name optimization, dedicated account managers, managed accounting, live support, and much more.
  • What Does This Service Cost?
    • SmartName's Domain Parking Service is absolutely free for all partners. This includes initial account setup and creation, account maintenance, and even account management. This also includes free landing pages, themed landing pages, and account optimization. We strive to offer only the best features for our partners. We do not charge and will not charge you for these services.
  • Who Are Your PPC Partners?
    • SmartName is partnered the web's finest advertising providers to power your landing pages with advertisements.
  • How Many Domains Do I Need?
    • SmartName's requirements are strictly on a case by case basis. Upon sign-up an account manager will review your application and take several things into consideration before approving your account. Some of these considerations may include but not be limited to your source of traffic, and the revenue that will be generated from parking your domain name with our services.
  • What Are Your Requirements?
    • SmartName's requirements are strictly on a case by case basis. Upon submitting an application, an account manager will review your information and take several things into consideration before approving your account. Some of these considerations may include, but are not limited to, your source of traffic and the revenue that will be generated from parking your domain name with our services. It is also helpful if you have a current SmartName affiliate as a reference.
  • What Do Your Domain Landing Pages Look Like?
    • Currently we have various versions of templates. Users have the option of selecting one layout for their domains, or running a test on the layouts to see which one receives the highest numbers of clicks per domain.
  • Will my domains go directly to results pages?
    • You have the option to choose if your domains to direct to results, or to a lander page that further refines the user's search and often provides you with a higher RPC.

Revenue Related Questions

  • How Much Can I Earn?
    • SmartName has partnered with the best on the web to ensure you get the highest pay outs on your domain name landing pages. The possibilities are limitless! There are many other factors which can increase your earning such as traffic volume, and account optimization, which we have staff at your service to assist you with if you choose.
  • What are the payment methods available?
    • You have several options for payment methods. You may choose to accept an ACH, eCheck, PayPal or Wire Transfer (domestic or international in USD) from SmartName. The following minimum earnings are required and payment fees are applied:

      Payment MethodMinimum EarningsPayment Fee*
      ACHno minimumUSD $1.00
      eCheckno minimumUSD $5.00
      PayPalno minimumUSD $1.00
      Wire Transfer (international)USD $25.00USD $20.00
      Wire Transfer (domestic)no minimumUSD $15.00

      *Fees may vary for international payments by country and pay method. All international payments are subject to a 3% foreign exchange rate fee.
  • What Is Your Payout Cycle?
    • SmartName payout cycle works on a net 15 basis. We calculate the earnings from your account for the month and you are paid by the 15th of every month for your previous months earnings. We typically run the payment scripts within the first two days of the month, so any changes customers want to make to their account payment information are best done prior to the end of the month.
  • What Is The Minimum Payout?
    • Your account must have a minimum balance of $100 in order to receive payment. If your balance at the end of the month is less than $100, it will be carried over to the following month and you will receive your payment once it has reached the $100 minimum.
  • What Is Your Revenue Share?
    • Parking customers should realize that the revenue share quoted by any parking service depends on the contracts with their feed providers. For example, a 95% revenue share quoted to you means little if that partner is only getting 45% of the revenue from the feed provider. In that case, your payout is really only 42% and the feed provider makes more on your domain names than you do!

      As the owners of more than 700,000 domain names of our own, the NameMedia Network has the ability to leverage significant strategic relationships with the best feed providers on the web. We cannot divulge our feed provider revenue shares, but we can assure our SmartName customers that we actively and aggressively monitor domain name pay outs industry wide to ensure our customers are paid at the top of the scale. In addition, our optimization technology tests domains on several lander page layouts to determine which ones yield the best click through rate.

Reporting and Web Site Related Question

  • Do You Offer Real Time Stats?
    • SmartName offers real-time statistics for all partners. Upon approval and creation of your account, you are given access to your online account manager which tracks statistics on your domain names, and gives you real-time visitor and clicks reporting. Revenue metrics are calculated overnight by our feed providers. At SmartName, our job is to keep you informed every step of the way! Account managers can also assist with special report requests.
  • How Often Are Stats Updated?
    • Your account visit and click statistics are updated in real-time. revenue metrics are calculated overnight. Our reporting is always up to date and you receive this information every time you login to your SmartName account! These estimated statistics are then reviewed by our feed providers, usually overnight, before final payments are calculated. If you ever have questions regarding reporting, feel free to contact us so we can discuss them with you!
  • Can You Help Me Sell My Domain Names?
    • All partners are able to list a "For Sale" sign on their landing pages. This is done instantly and dynamically via your online control panel. If you choose to enable this option, your visitors will see the "For Sale" sign on your landing pages and be able to contact you directly regarding the sale of your domain name. This feature can be turned off or on, which ever you choose. You can also ask your account manager to have your domains represented by a professional sales force at our sister company,
  • Do You Offer Help With Setup?
    • SmartName offers free setup for all accounts. Once your account is approved, an account manager will contact you with the details you need to setup your account. If for any reason you need help setting up your account, we will be more than willing to walk you through the process and help you get your domain names parked immediately!

Support Related Questions

  • Who Do I Contact For Support?
    • SmartName can be contacted anytime if you have support related questions. Please feel free to visit our and send us your request. An account manager will answer all emails in the order they are received. You can expect a reply to your email in most cases as early as minutes.
  • How Do I Register My Account?
    • To register at SmartName you must submit an enrollment application from our sign-up page. Once your application is received, an account manager will review your application and contact you regarding the status of your account. Once your account has been approved you will be notified via email and you may login and begin configuring your account settings.
  • How Long Does It Take For Approval?
    • Approval varies on a case by case basis. This depends on the size of your domain portfolio in most cases. Once reviewed, you will typically get a response within 48 hours from the time you submit your enrollment application. If you do not hear from us and you have questions regarding the status of your account you may anytime.
  • I Submitted My Application But Haven't Heard Back. Why?
    • SmartName approves fewer than 1 out of every 10 applicants. With numerous applications received a day, the most common reason applications are not approved is that applicants do not meet the standards for the SmartName portfolio, or the application does not list their domains, or describe any traffic or other metrics that help us decide whether to allow the names into our systems. If you do not hear from us and you have questions regarding the status of your account you may anytime.